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Engagement Parties | Done The Right Way

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There are so many pros to having an engagement party, besides the obvious of having your loved one’s spoil with you excitement and celebration! Everyone knows the best weddings they have been to are the ones they know the other guests. So now that you have that diamond on your hand let’s get everyone together, so they can get to know each other and make your big day as epic as possible! In addition, this initial party let’s guests celebrate who may not be able to attend the wedding, especially if you're having a destination wedding. 

The first place you landed was most likely Pinterest where the themes and ideas are endless! Now you might be feeling overwhelmed and confused, which way do I go from here? What color scheme? What kind of food do I serve? What if it is not the most epic party people have ever been to?? Well put those fears aside and let us take the on the heavy load! Monarch Rooftop checks off all the important boxes when it comes to throwing an epic engagement party: 1) Food and Drink. Arguably the most important element of a party. Our food is fresh and served to perfection complementing our cocktails that are out of this world! Whether you are sipping on a classic gin and tonic or a one of kind specialty cocktail with the freshest in-season ingredients, you and your guests will be sure to feel fancy and on top of the world. 2) Atmosphere. There is nothing better than a rooftop placed in the middle of an iconic city with views that literally take your breath away. Having the Empire State Building as your backdrop is as epic as it gets. We never take it lightly when we are chosen to play a small part in such a big day and our staff is dedicated to showing you and your guests the kind of hospitality that will leave you feeling special long after you have left. 3) Possibilities. We have endless possibilities when it comes to your once in a life time celebration. Monarch is far from a cookie cutter venue where if you have seen one party you have seen them all. Have a special playlist you have been curated since you met your beau? It will be streaming through state-of-the-art sound system giving you all the feels. Want your guests to have a champagne in their hand upon arrival? Perfect, that is already at the top of Monarch’s must have list! It is your world, we are just living it in! 

The best part of all of this is there are no rules! This about you and your life partner starting your journey together so stay true to what is important to you and you will never go wrong. You really don’t want toasts at the engagement party because Aunt Sally is insisting on speaking? No worries! You want to dance the night away and party like it’s 1999? Go ahead with your bad self! This is one of many events where your closest loved ones might not agree with your choices, but they love you no matter what so make your one and only engagement party exactly what you want it to be!